Enabling wireless on Dell Latitude 2110 under CrunchBang Linux

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Some time ago I got my hands on CrunchBang Linux distro, which is great. Like really. Try it. The only annoying thing is missing proper wireless driver for my Broadcom BCM43224 WiFi card. But I'm used to it, as many Linux distros do not provide it. Or even worse, provide broken driver from somewhere in between b43/brcm80211 drivers snafu. As I happen to know from my Fedora experiences that it is resolved in kernel version 3.4 . Also as that kernel tends to be generally faster on my machine, I decided to compile just this one. Here you are. Vanilla 3.4.4 kernel, compiled for Intel Atom and with BCM43224 support. This is a 64bit kernel. Download `crunchbanglinux-kernel-3.4.4-intel\_atom.tar.bz2 <>`__ and:

dpkg --remove firmware-linux
dpkg --remove firmware-linux-nonfree
tar jxf crunchbanglinux-kernel-3.4.4-intel_atom.tar.bz2
cd linux-3.4.4-intel_atom/
dpkg -i *.deb

Should work for Debian Squeeze also but not tested on that system. Write me if you'd like it compiled any other way, e.g. for another processor.

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